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"Rock and roll can have great melodies too," asserts a defiantly smiling Charlotte Sabina. "Kids are hungry for authentic music. I know I am. When I listen to music I want to sing along, and I want to sing words that mean something to me."


Charlotte writes songs that do mean something to her.  Her laying-bare lyrics are the reason Charlotte's original song "Eye for an Eye" won first prize in the teen category of the International Songwriting Competition. Charlotte gives the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and K.T. Tunstall as examples of her influences, but is careful to note that her sound is evolving, and is her own. 


Born in 2000, Charlotte Sabina spent her formative years in New York City.  Charlotte started  piano lessons at age 8, and immediately began writing music and playing guitar as well.  Charlotte was given the gift of recording a song for her 10th birthday, which began a long collaboration with mentor and friend Jeffrey Lee Campbell (Sting, Aretha Franklin).  Within a year Charlotte opened a benefit concert for Jon Bon Jovi at the Best Buy Theater in New York.  "The most amazing night of my life," said Charlotte of her playing at the invitation of her personal hero and backed by Jeffrey Lee Campbell and Shawn Pelton (SNL, Bruce Springsteen, Pink, Shakira). 


Now living in a Los Angeles beach community, Charlotte is an avid surfer.  She paddles out at dawn so she can focus on music after school.  Charlotte says she feels compelled to write about her first-of-the-millennium generation: "Mostly we're worried about who we are, what we're going to be given how crazy the world is, and who cares about us. People say rock and roll is a fantasy, but I think it's about facing reality, and getting through it together. " 


Charlotte's songs have been licensed for television programming on MTV.  She has performed at major events such as the Whole Planet Foundation's Pre-Grammy Party at the iconic Village Recorder, and the Google / Grammy / Gibson event at SXSW in Austin, and in venues around New York and Los Angeles. 


Reunited with producer Jeffrey Lee Campbell, Charlotte recorded a number of her latest songs in the spring of 2015. "The songs together tell a story," Charlotte says, "but I don't know yet how it ends."





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